Last Update: June 1, 2017

Roger Wilkins
Age: 1967
Profession: Deaf Travel Agent
Birthplace: Sacramento, California
Current City: Lehi, Utah

Deaf Travel Agent

My name is Roger Wilkins. After experiencing going on my first Cruise and going to Alaska with my wife and five kids in 2011, I decided to become travel agent. I have been on 21 cruises. I learned a lot each time. I decided to be a Deaf Travel Agent and set up memorial cruise vacation for deaf singles, couples, families, and deaf group cruises and let them host their own cruise. I have been setting up many deaf group cruises since six years. I am available on VP to answer any questions about cruises. It is my full time job and it is my own Deaf Travel Agency. I love having them have a great memorial vacation on cruise vacations.