Last Update: February 9, 2018

Don Allen McCary
Age: 1941 -
Profession: First Deaf Parachute
Birthplace: Atmore, Alabama
Current City: Riverside, California

First Deaf Parachute

I forgot to tell you about the plane that I rented 172 Cessna in about 1998 , when I flew myself alone at 10,500 ft thru the cloud When I entered the cloud , , thank God, before I adjust a trim ,then thru cloud , it strike me a vertigo in second times . I said, Oh no, my mind control of yoke straight thru cloud , about 5 minutes , vertigo went away, I screamed rally,I made it. I enjoyed and enjoyed , when I fly out of cloud at 11, 400 ft . Then I desecend down right wind spiral until 5,000ft the engine vibrated , I realized the engine was damaged , So I had to do is on glide until other airport in an emergency, when I was near a runway , I force to dive down to a middle of runway landing made it safe near a gas station . So I let a service man for checking , if oil needed but it emptied wow , a man poured two can of oil , I asked man , if engine is ok , he heard engine was perfectly! . I trust him . Go take off , I made a mistake , I should examine intrument before take off , when I take off , I heard sound alike metal cracked and got worse vibrate , my mind control positive flying to be steady for 35 miles to Hot Springs, Arkansas at dark night , The plane started down on glide over a largest cemetery with a light to made it landing on a middle of runway, phew! I made it. , a service man asked me , How I land safe for 35 miles. I told him, angel help me safe . Oh, I forgot to tell about service man said, engine was total damaged badly , the owner office ordered new engine is $ 25,000.00 , me is nothing , lucky . Later