Last Update: May 8, 2017

Jagannath Elijah Einhorn
Age: (Year Unknown)
Profession: DeafBlind Entertainer
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Location: Clearwater Beach, Florida

DeafBlind Entertainer

Outlines Written
by Kate Cross

He is an entertainer by know one name: JAG!

Jagannath "1 and only Jag" Einhorn

Jag has Usher Syndrome type 1 (DeafBlind) since at his birth

Only flower-child in large family who is Deaf (and legally blind)

Grew up living in many cities, states, and even countries!

Grew up attending six different religions

Grew up with three different Fathers

Grew up attending many different schools from Pre-Kindengarten to colleges; deaf schools with dorms and commuters, private and public mainstreams (10 schools total)

Graduated Model Secondary School for the Deaf '92

Graduated Gallaudet University '00 (Bachelor in Communication Studies)

1 and only J-A-G's daily quotes: "LIFE is all about Learning" and "Nothing to lose"

Possible takeover of I. King Jordan's quote: "DeafBlind can do anything except hear and see"

This popular DeafBlind performance artist has been entertaining many crowds around Florida with his wonderful storytellings ability now for several years. He has a wonderful way with his hands, his facials and his whole body in his expressive native language of American Sign Language (ASL).

Jag does ASL storytellings, ASL visual vernacular, ASL poems/poetry , ASL ABC stories, ASL 123 stories, ASL  comedy/hilarious, DeafBlind humors/culturals, and some dances!
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