Last Update: May 6, 2017

Ian Cameron
Age: (Year Unknown)
Profession: Owner/Brewer of Lochiel Brewing
Birthplace: Fort Collins, Colorado
Location: Mesa, Arizona

Owner/Brewer of Lochiel Brewing

Lochiel Brewing was founded in May 2015 by Ian Cameron in Mesa, Arizona. We’re a two-vessel 10-barrel full electric, two-vessel brewhouse with 110-barrel (3,410 gallon) capacity.

Ian is a deaf professional brewer and the sole owner with experience stemming from over 15 years of homebrewing and three years volunteering at various breweries in the southwest, part-time, to earn professional experience.

The brews are made with a Scottish style, strong malt-forwardness. The Scotch ale is a family recipe handed down through generations of a Cameron of Lochiel lineage.
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