Last Update: April 18, 2017

Charles Bronder Sr
Age: 1933 -
Profession: Longest Basketball Player/Coach
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York
Location: Hypoluxo, Florida

Longest Basketball Player/Coach

On December 1950 Charles Bronder, Sr. left NY to California at age 17 1/2 and played basketball for Long Beach Deaf Club for a year then played for Los Angeles Deaf Club for 3 years and went FAAD tournaments. Moved to Oakland and played for Oakland Deaf Club for a year. Went to NWAD tournament. Then during AAAD tournament went to Kansas, MO. He played for Los Angeles Deaf Club, AAAD at Los Angeles, Calif. He played for Los Angeles Deaf Club and won 3rd place. Went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for AAAD tournament and he played for Oakland Deaf Club team. AAAD at Brooklyn, NY he played for Buffalo, NY deaf club team and won 3rd place.

Moved by to NY and played basketball for Buffalo Deaf Club for a year and played for Union League Deaf Club. Went EAAD tournaments.

Retired by bad back.

Then Coach for basketball team of Pelican Deaf Club, Long Island Deaf Club and DeSales Deaf Club at NY and went EAAD tournament for 3 years. 5 years for NJ Deaf club and went to EAAD for another 5 years. Won 3rd place for AAAD at Boston, Massachusetts 1988.

Coach for Macon Deaf Club basketball in Macon, Georgia for a year.

Coach for Florida teams for 5 years. Went for SEAAD for 6 years.

During AAAD time at Los Angeles, Calif. he coach for Pelican Deaf club of NY and won 3rd place.

Now Charles is asst. coaching for Hurricane for a year last year then Blue Wave this year. He played SEAD at his age 82 with Pittsbull team and played for Art Kruger's NDBO at age 83 for Pittsbull team. They do not want to forfeit the game so he played to save the games. He made 6 points for them. God bless him and the players, too.

Charles coached for Long Island NY deaf club, DeSales deaf club in Brooklyn, ny, Pelican deaf club NYC,NY, Hudson Valley NJ, Trenton NJ deaf club, NJ deaf club for 5 years. Sunshine Orlando Florida deaf for 3years, Dolphin deaf Orlando Florida, Pitsbull deaf Orlando Florida, Hurricane deaf Clearwater, Florida and 2 year Blue Wave Clearwater Deaf Florida.