Last Update: May 6, 2017

Andrew Fisher
Age: (Year Unknown)
Profession: Comedian
Birthplace: (Birthplace Unknown)
Location: (Current City/State Unknown)


Andrew Fisher is an unexpected comedian performing unexpected comedy. Born deaf and hilarious, Andrew has put his unique perspective to work as one of the most captivating comedians on the New York scene. With his roots in the comedy clubs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, he has been expanding his audiences by performing at colleges and universities, including Emerson College in Boston and The University of Wisconsin. Most recently, Andrew was selected as a finalist for the Hoboken Comedy Festival. He is also a well-respected filmmaker whose debut comedic film has received rave reviews from audiences across the country. Though it may seem unexpected for all audiences to be able to enjoy jokes told in American Sign Language, Sean Kelly, editor of National Lampoon magazine and former writer for SNL, has lauded Andrew’s ability to take advantage of his disconnect with the audience. Through a combination of flawlessly physical comedy and expertly timed delivery, Andrew will make you rethink everything you think you know about what makes comedy work.
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